Perform like never before with customized in-ear monitors from rhines custom monitors

Customized headphones offer a perfect fit, no matter how energetic the performance might be. Furthermore, they are extremely comfortable to wear, which makes you forget that they are even in your ears after a short period of time. Thus you can concentrate fully on your performance and do not have to think about the monitoring.

Forget heavy and unflexible floor wedges

With an in-ear monitoring system, you do not need any floor wedges anymore which saves room on the stage and you don’t have to carry them around anymore. Moreover, you get rid of a lot of feedback problems and have full freedom of movement because there is no defined space in which you have to be to hear your personal monitor mix. Finally, the front of house sound gets better because there is no interference with the monitor sound.

Save your most important asset: your hearing ability

The sound of our customized in-ears is a lot clearer than usual floor wedges. Furthermore, your hearing ability will be protected by the dense seal of the in-ear monitors customized to your ear canal which enables you to choose lower monitoring levels.

Stage-proven and dependable technology

The shells, which are molded to you individual ear impressions, are made out of acrylic and are very stable. Thus you do not have to worry to much about them. Furthermore, the balanced armature drivers which we use are very resilient which makes them very dependable. If something goes bust anyway, it is more than likely that the cable is the cause. We took account of this in making the cable of all our headphones pluggable, so you can change it within seconds.
By request, we can implement an ambiance port so that you can hear the surrounding noise even with your in-ear monitors plugged in. If you want to have those ambience ports, please contact us before you order so we can give you personal advise. Only in the fewest cases, these ambiance ports make sense.

Match your in-ears to your stage outfit

A lot of musicians worry greatly about their stage outfit. Thus, even the in-ear monitor shall fit in their concept. To ensure this to 100%, we offer a massive selection of colors and special materials for the faceplate, including carbon or even real wood.
If you still cannot find the means to translate your idea into reality, please contact us. We will then try together with you to come as close to your design as possible.

We advise you with pleasure

Our team consists of live-musicians, sound engineers and audiophiles alike, who would love to help you out if you need any advise. You can contact us via phone, email or visit us at our headquarters. You can even bring your personal equipment in order to have a meaningful prelistening experience.

Our customized in-ear monitors for musicians

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