Your entrance into the world

of professional in-ear monitoring

starting at 599€*

The Rookie: our smallest one, ideal as a first customized in-ear monitor

With the Rookie, you can fully focus on your stage performance. You do not have to worry about monitoring anymore, rhines custom monitors has your back! The shell is made out of durable acrylic, which is the same as our STAGE-series. This makes the in-ears very comfortable in your ears, so that it is not unlikely that you completely forget during the gig that you are wearing in-ear headphones.

Excellent sound quality, in spite of the low price

We surely did not save on the sound of the Rookie: two balanced armature drivers in two-way technology are responsible for a great sound experience. The sound is quite neutral, with slightly raised bass and highs. This makes him show way more details than you would think. Hence, these in-ear monitors are easily suitable to people who are quite demanding.

The success confirms the philosophy of our continued development, since the introduction at the Musikmesse 2013, the Rookie is very popular especially among singers and guitarists.

Absolute reliability through manufacturing by professional standards

If there are any problems with the technology of a customized in-ear monitor, it is hugely probable that the cable is causing it. The Rookie has pluggable cables manufactured to professional standards, so you can swap it easily within seconds and go on with your gig.

Delivery contents and customization

The Rookie comes in rhines blue by default, but nevertheless it is possible to change this at a premium.

The delivery contents besides the Rookie himself and a cable:

  • a manual
  • a cleaning pen
  • a zipper-pouch to store your headphone in.

Technical specifications

Drivers:2 precision ba-drivers
Ways:2-way technology
Noise isolation:up to 26dB
Input connector:3,5mm jack gold-pated
Frequency response:20Hz-16kHz
Input sensitivity:122dB at 1mW
Impedance:28 Ohm




One balanced armature driver is responsible for the bass, one for the mids and the highs. Due to the fact that these two drivers are situated in different casings, this design is referred to as two-way technology.

*Price only applicable within Germany, VAT included, plus shipping. Price without VAT: 503,36€. Price per pair, excl. special options like wooden faceplates etc.