Faithful customized in-ear monitors for sound engineers

In order to be sure that your music sounds as good as possible on every device, it is absolutely vital to have a monitor with a natural and linear frequency response. We did stand up to this challenge and created some customized in-ear monitors which have a sound signature that is absolutely true to sound and thus excellent as a tool for sound engineers.

Linear and reliable sound characteristics

Through the use of the most recent balanced armature drivers out there, we achieved to create in-ear monitors with a neutral and precise sound signature which are incredibly transparent. Our STAGE 7 for example has seven drivers per ear, which makes for an extremely detailed sound with excellent responsiveness. This headphone, created by Felix Reinsch and his team, consisting of live-musicians, sound engineers and audiophiles, was tuned to be extremely linear and thus representing music in an uncolored way.

Forget about room acoustics and disturbing background noise

Even though studio monitors oftentimes represent the optimum in critical listening to music, they sometimes are limited in their abilities. This could be because the room is not acoustically treated, because one likes to produce music while travelling, because the surrounding noise is disturbing, etc. Hence, our in-ear monitors seal your ear canal completely due to being customized to your own pair of ears. This reduces background noise effectively and excludes the room acoustics from being a factor that influences the sound.
Thus, it is now possible to process music with high fidelity no matter where you are.

Fatigue-free even after hours

The customization to your ears ensures tireless wearing of the in-ears, even after hours worth of use. Even those who wear glasses do not have comfort problems due the nature of in-ears not having beams.