Warm sound with a tight punch

Ideal for drummers and bassists

starting at 769€*

The STAGE 2 from rhines custom monitors: proven top-class monitoring in two-way technology

The STAGE 2 is very popular since the release from compact audio (the company which preceded rhines custom monitors), which makes him a classic in our selection of in-ear monitors. The headphone comes with 2-way ba-technology. One of the ba-drivers is responsible for the lows and one for the mids and highs. The in-ear monitor has a warm sound with tight punch, natural voices and soft highs. The slight bass boost makes this monitor ideal for drummers and bassists alike.

Our entry into the STAGE-series from rhines custom monitors

The STAGE-series from rhines custom monitors has a number of advantages. First, the technology of the in-ear monitor is upgradable at any time. Secondly, you have the free choice of our 32 colors. Moreover, the STAGE 2 comes with premium accessories, like a personalized peli-case in which you can store your precious monitors.

Top-notch manufacturing quality meets total customization

The STAGE 2 is manufactured out of acrylic to the measure of your ears, which makes him very comfortable. Furthermore, he dampens the environmental noise at 26dB, so your hearing ability will be protected.

Moreover, the STAGE 2 is completely customizable to your taste. Thus, you can for example make your in-ear monitor fit your stage costume and make it truly unique.

Delivery contents: this is inclusive with the STAGE 2

The customized in-ear-series STAGE comes inclusive with the following:

  • personalized peli-case
  • softshell-bag to prevent tangling
  • cleaning pen
  • manual
  • two dry caps
  • cable clip
  • 3,5mm to 6,3mm jack adapter

Technical Specifications

Drivers:2 precision ba-drivers
Ways:2-way technology
Noise isolation:up to 26dB
Input connector:3,5mm jack gold-pated
Frequency response:20Hz-17kHz
Input sensitivity:122dB at 1mW
Impedance:28 Ohm




The STAGE 2 has one balanced armature driver for the bass and one for the midrange and the highs. These ba-drivers are situated in different casings, so the technology is two-way.

*Price only applicable within Germany, VAT included, plus shipping. Price without VAT: 646,22€. Price per pair, excl. special options like wooden faceplates etc.