Linear reference monitor

With a highly transparent sound

starting at 999€*

The STAGE 3: our reference monitor for experienced as well as demanding musicians and technicians

The STAGE 3 is a customized in-ear monitor with three balanced armature drivers. These ba-drivers are precisely matched, so the sound is very linear and detailled. The highly transparent but tireless sound signature is enjoyed a lot by sound engineers, but the STAGE 3 is also used a lot by live-musicians. Especially singers, guitarists and keyboarders use the STAGE 3 very often.

The emotional and intimate sound signature makes the STAGE 3 very popular amongst the audiophile community

Although the STAGE 3 is tuned very linearly, he stays true to the typical rhines sound. This prevents him from being too boring and analytical. Instead, he creates an pleasant and intimate atmosphere with an emotional presentation of the music, which makes him being liked a lot by the hifi-community. The STAGE 3 reveals even the smallest of details and adapts to the source material, which makes less than optimal tunes still appreciable.

Effortless listening through customization

The STAGE 3 manufactured to the measures of your ears, which makes him very comfortable. This prevents you from being tired by longer listening sessions. The customization makes the acrylic shells and your ear canal seal tightly, so it will be a lot easier for you to concentrate to the music since the environmental noise is decreased. Furthermore, this propriety protects your hearing ability since the monitoring volume can be a lot less than the FOH-volume.

Personalize your STAGE 3 and make it unique

The STAGE 3 is completely personalizable to your taste. You can put your band logo on the faceplate or use special materials like real wood or carbon to enhance your in-ear headphones. Further information on the options can be found here: take me to the customization options.

Delivery contents of the STAGE-series

The customized in-ear-series STAGE comes with the following:

  • personalized peli-case
  • softshell-bag to prevent tangling
  • cleaning pen
  • manual
  • two dry caps
  • cable clip
  • 3,5mm to 6,3mm jack adapter

Technical specifications

Drivers:3 precision ba-drivers
Ways:2-way technology
Noise isolation:up to 26dB
Input connector:3,5mm jack gold-pated
Frequency response:20Hz-17kHz
Input sensitivity:122dB at 1mW
Impedance:28 Ohm






The STAGE 3 has three balanced armature drivers which are set up in a two-way configuration. Two of these ba-drivers are responsible for the bass and one for the midrange and the highs.

*Price only applicable within Germany, VAT included, plus shipping. Price without VAT: 839,50€. Price per pair, excl. special options like wooden faceplates etc.