Musical and enjoyable sound

With a very deep bass response

starting at 1239€*

The STAGE 4: for all of those who like a full sound

The STAGE 4 extends both ends of the frequency spectrum with his four ba-drivers and emphasizes the bass and the highs slightly. The result is a moderate v-shape, which is responsible for a very musical and appealing listening experience. This sound is especially liked by hifi-enthusiasts who like a very emotional reproduction of their music, but still want to hear every bit of detail of their HD-recordings.

Especially for bassists and those who listen to electronic music

As someone listening to electronic music, one encounters sharp hihats on a regular basis since the production quality is not quite that good sometimes. Since the highs of the STAGE 4 are slightly rolled of despite a general emphasis, this headphone is not painful if there are any of these faults. Bassists and producers of electronic music like this propriety too.

Protects your hearing ability through the customized fit

Due to the STAGE 4 being manufactured to the measures of your ears, the acrylic shell seals tightly with you ear canal and thus shields it from environmental noise by 26dB. This makes it possible to enjoy music at much lower level since there are no disrupting noises. Additionally, the in-ear monitors are very comfortable, even those who wear glasses can listen to music without being bothered by headbands.

Customization and delivery contents

As a part of the STAGE-series, the STAGE 4 is completely personalizable. The options can be found here: take me to the customization options.

This accessories come with the in-ear monitors by standard:

  • personalized peli-case
  • softshell-bag to prevent tangling
  • cleaning pen
  • manual
  • two dry caps
  • cable clip
  • 3,5mm to 6,3mm jack adapter

Technical specifications

Drivers:4 precision ba-drivers
Ways:3-way technology
Noise isolation:up to 26dB
Input connector:3,5mm jack gold-pated
Frequency response:10Hz-19kHz
Input sensitivity:120dB at 1mW
Impedance:20 Ohm








The STAGE 4 has one separate deep-bass driver, two bass drivers and midrage-tweeter.

*Price only applicable within Germany, VAT included, plus shipping. Price without VAT: 1041,18€. Price per pair, excl. special options like wooden faceplates etc.