Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship out demo units?

Yes, we do. Usually, we handle it the way that we do pay the shipping to you, and you pay the shipping back to us. Please pay attention that you ship the headphones insured, or you will be liable for any case of loss or damage. For further information about the availability, please contact us.

Do you endorse artists?

We are a small company that does not have a turnover of millions of euros, so we cannot offer you a full endorsement.

Do you generally recommend ambience ports?

Our customized in-ear monitors provide a very high noise isolation of -26dB. This means that you will only hear exterior noises very weakly or, if your signal is on, not at all. This effect is wanted by lots of musicians because they don’t have to turn up their in-ear monitor as loud as without any noise isolation, but for some of them, this isolation is too strong which makes them feel disconnected from the audience.

Those musicians are often asking for ambience port, which breaks up the strong isolation and lets in some surrounding noise. The reason why we don’t recommend ambience systems is because there is a loss of bass response, which can alter the sound signature significantly.

Instead, we advise you to use ambience microphones. This technology has the advantage that it does not alter the sound signature of your in-ear monitor. Furthermore, your monitoring engineer can blend the ambience noise in and out depending on when you need it.

If, for any reason, you don’t want or cannot use ambience microphones, please consult us before ordering an ambience system so we have the chance to advise you personally, because there are lots of variables which can influence the use of ambience ports and the choice of the right ambience filter.

Where can I get my ear impressions made?

Generally, every acoustician can take the ear impressions that we need in order to produce your personal in-ear monitor. In order to get compliant ear impressions, please hand our instructions out to your hearing acoustician.

If you are living in Germany, there is a chance that we do have a partner acoustician in your proximity. Please contact us for more details.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we are happy to ship our products to anywhere in the world, no matter where you are.

Do you keep the ear impressions on file or do I get them back with my order?

We do keep your ear impressions on file. If your in-ear monitor gets badly damaged or lost, we then still have those impressions to get you sorted as fast as possible.

What if my in-ear does not fit properly?

Shaping a custom in-ear monitors takes lots of experience. Luckily, Felix Reinsch is a true pioneer in the custom in-ear monitoring branch and has produced thousands of custom in-ears already. Thus, we are very confident that your in-ears will fit perfectly when you get them. If this is not the case, we will surely refit them until they fit flawlessly.

What shall I do if my in-ears don’t sound the way they are supposed to?

If your in-ears do sound strange, it is very likely that you cable is broken. Especially problems like intermittent sound, lack of sound in one earphone, static or distortion are symptoms of a broken cable. To find out if your cable is broken for sure, detach the cable from the in-ear monitors and reverse it. If the problems transposes to the other ear, you cable is broken, if not, there might be a problem with the drivers. In contrast to most of the universal in-ears, we are able to repair your in-ear monitor. To do so, please contact us.

If your bass response is not as present as it should be, there might be a problem with your seal. In this case, please contact us so we can help you fix this problem.