About rhines customs: where we begun, what we stand for

The Story of a Pioneer

rhines custom monitors is a company founded by Felix Reinsch, a German pioneer of in-ear monitoring. The company is situated close to the river Rhine in the heart of Cologne, Germany. At rhines all in-ear monitors are handcrafted and treated with utmost care.

Felix Reinsch personally is heavily involved in research, development and production. His experience is unmatched in Germany.

He is best-known for the creation of the acclaimed Stage series. When he co-founded Compact Monitors, he designed an upgradeable monitoring series that is still considered as reference to sound engineers and musicians all over the world. His most well received creations, the Stage 2 and Stage 3, boosted the company to the top. Furthermore, his experimentations with different colours, materials and artworks inspired many companies within the same branch.

His creativity, innovation and strive for perfection is what garnered rhines loyal customers all around the world.